About Us

Balloons and Blooms are a Sydney based company and have been trading since 1996. Like many businesses there have been changes and ours is no exception. We have recently changed owners and location. We wish to welcome you to continue with us on our journey. If you have previously utilised the services we have provided we thank you for continued patronage. If you are new to us, then a sincere welcome to you and hope you continue to come back to us. 

 We are aware of everyone's varying needs and wish to provide you with the highest level quality and service that we can offer. Balloons and Blooms continues to strive for excellence and to fulfil your individual needs to the highest degree. 

We specialise in making your event memorable. From decorating Corporate settings, Boardrooms and events to individual functions including intimate events such as an anniversary, a wedding, a baby shower or a birthday party. At Balloons and Blooms we can add instant glamour and atmosphere to your event and assist you in creating themes for your events too.

Balloons and Blooms can also assist you with your sweet tooth if you are looking for that special extra at your event. We have all the items to make your candy buffet a success.

Whether it's a budget event or an extravaganza our team will help you with design, delivery and installation so that you can relax and enjoy the event along with your guests (and enjoy the complements you get), or we can arrange your next individual gift for that special someone.

We are endeavouring to bring you to new and exciting services. If you are looking for something that’s not yet here, please contact and see how we can assist you for your next event.